Member Bios


CASI is made up of voting members who perform a variety of instructional, research, administrative, student services and other key functions in the College of Engineering. CASI members are elected by staff.

If you are interested in learning more about serving on CASI, please contact Kelly Petersen or Nate Jung, the CASI Co-Chairs.

Member Term End Job Function Department
Marc Claas 2024 Research Industrial Refrigeration Consortium
Sara Hladilek 2024 Student Services Graduate Student Services
Kelly Petersen 2024 University Staff Industrial Systems Engineering
Justin Kyle Bush 2024 Administration Graduate Student Services
Jackie Cooper 2025 Research Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mary Fitzpatrick 2025 Research IEDE – Dean’s Office
Nate Jung 2025 Instruction Technical Communications
Andi Bill-interim 2025 Research Civil & Environmental Engineering
Alex Conrad 2026 Student Services Graduate Student Services
Daniel Goana 2026 Administration Electrical and Chemical Engineering
Angela Kita 2026 Instruction Learning Center
Sara Tate-Pederson 2026 Administration Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

Andrea Bill

Traffic Safety Engineer Research Program Manager



Justin Kyle Bush

Graduate Programs Administrator


Justin Kyle Bush serves as the Graduate Programs Administrator for the Engineering Data Analytics (MEDA), Polymer Engineering (MEPE), and Power Engineering (Power) programs. In this capacity, he offers leadership support in various aspects including student recruitment, marketing, program governance, budget management, and financial accountability. Justin is eager to collaborate with academic and university staff to identify areas for enhancement and collectively solutions that will contribute to maintaining COE as an exemplary workplace.

Marc Class

Research Engineer, Industrial Refrigeration Consortium


Marc Claas is a staff Research Engineer with the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UW-Madison. He has been in his current role since 2015, engaging in applied research and industry outreach focused on large ammonia refrigeration systems used in the food and beverage industries. His work focuses on making collaborative industry progress regarding the safety, reliability, performance, and efficiency of these systems with a focus on education.

Alex Conrad

Graduate Advisor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


I am a Graduate Student Services Coordinator in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. I help students, faculty and staff with all aspects of graduate school from admissions through graduation. I care deeply about the staff experience in our college. I look forward to hearing and sharing your concerns with CASI.

Jackie Cooper

Lab Manager, Civil & Environmental Engineering


I have been in this position for over 20 years, supporting students and faculty in both CEE and CBE, as well as others across campus who utilize the equipment in my lab. I feel my perspective as someone working in a laboratory, which is often times not reflected in other campus committees, will serve me well on CASI.

Mary Fitzpatrick

Director of Diversity Research and Evaluation, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity in Engineering (IEDE)


Mary Fitzpatrick is in the unit of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity in Engineering (IEDE) in the role of academic staff scientist and has been with the College since 2013. She earned her BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and was a practicing engineer and program manager for 17 years in the medical device and software industries. She earned a doctorate in Educational Psychology from UW-Milwaukee in 2011. Her current role focuses on providing program evaluation and research related to underrepresented groups in engineering and creating an inclusive culture within the College and UW-Madison.

Daniel Gaona



Daniel joined UW-Madison in January of 2013. He has been with the College of Engineering since August of 2021 and is the Accountant for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Daniel has served on a variety of committees during his time with the university as well as the school district where his children are enrolled.

Daniel looks forward to bringing his breadth of experience to CASI in hopes of being an advocate for staff members whose voices may not always be at the forefront.

Sara Hladilek

Senior Student Services Coordinator, Student Services


Sara Hladilek is a Graduate Student Services Coordinator working with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Engineering Physics to support graduate students and faculty with all aspects of the graduate student programs from pre-admission through graduation.

Jason Jankoski, CASI ex officio member (non-voting)

Assistant Dean for Human Resources

Contact:, (608) 890-0921

As assistant dean for human resources, payroll and benefits, Jason Jankoski provides leadership in human resource, payroll and benefits systems administration throughout the College of Engineering. He oversees, directs and collaborates with the college’s decentralized departmental human resource, payroll and administrative staff members, and provides leadership and guidance to achieve excellence in these areas. Additionally, he is the college liaison to human resources at the UW-Madison and UW System levels.

Jankoski joined the College of Engineering as assistant dean in 2014. Previously, he spent five years as assistant dean for human resources in the Wisconsin School of Business, and has held human resources positions elsewhere at UW-Madison and at the State of Wisconsin. He earned his bachelor of arts in human resources management from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Nate Jung, CASI Co-Chair

Teaching Faculty, Technical Communications


As a faculty member of the Technical Communications Program, I teach engineering communications courses to students from all areas of the College of Engineering. This interdisciplinary and student-facing role allows me to interact with a wide variety of faculty, administrators, and STEM writing professionals to ensure that our students can integrate all aspects of their engineering education into a cohesive professional identity that reflects the values of the UW-Madison College of Engineering. My direct contact with students in the classroom and my position in a program that interfaces with so many different elements of the College provide me with a uniquely collaborative perspective that I look forward to contributing to CASI. My service experience will also prove beneficial; in addition to the work I do for the Technical Communications Program, I am currently a member of the TTC Appeals Panel, and recently served on the Ad Hoc Committee on Policy and Process Regarding Access to Electronic Records. Previously, I taught courses in engineering communication, health science writing, and business writing at UW-Milwaukee, and I was appointed to multiple-year terms on their university-wide Ombuds Council and the English department’s Grievance Committee.

Angela Kita

Associate Director of Leadership Education


As a member of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, Angela Kita is excited to build and grow partnerships that better connect students to their learning, their passions, and their goals. She has worked collaboratively with faculty and staff on curriculum development, improved instructor support, and cross-campus projects. Angela has served as a representative and on a subcommittee of the Academic Staff Assembly (ASA), and is always looking for ways to improve the climate at UW. As a CASI member she plans on asking questions, seeking out ways to improve work conditions, and advocating on behalf of staff members. She is particularly excited about building cross-college connections and increasing promotional and recognition opportunities.

Kelly Petersen, CASI Chair

Main Office Manager, Industrial and Systems Engineering


Kelly joined the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the summer of 2019. She acts as the Main Office Manager for Industrial and Systems Engineering, doing a little bit of everything to support the Faculty, Staff, and Instructors of her department. She also currently serves on a variety of committees throughout the college.

Kelly received her BS in Elementary Education from Iowa State University and worked in the education field for 5 years before moving into an administrative role in higher education.

Sara Tate-Pedersen

Technical Compliance Manager, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)


Dynamic IT leader and professional with 25+ years of experience, I currently serve in the role of Technical Compliance Manager with Computer-Aided Engineering at UW-Madison. I am also a co-lead for our campus IT Leaders Program (ITLP) Forward steering team as part of IT Connects, am a past co-lead and founding steering team member of our campus Women in IT (UW-WIT) community, and currently serve as past chair and steering team member on the Big Ten Academic Alliance Women+ in IT Peer Group (BTAA WIT+). Throughout my entire career I have been an active participant and facilitator on a wide variety of strategic initiatives that promote inclusion, equity, diversity, and belonging in the workplace. Outside of my service to the UW-Madison I enjoy opportunities to hike in our National Parks, indulge in hobby geology, and build with LEGO.