Mission and Values


The College of Engineering Committee Advocating for Staff Interests (CASI) is a shared governance body of elected representatives, who serve and advocate for the interests of university and academic staff by advising the College of Engineering dean and leadership. (Mission Statement Development)



Collaboration: Collaboration means that we value teamwork, active communication and transparency while engaging in problem solving and recommending actions to leadership on behalf of academic and university staff.

Compassion: Compassion means that we value action-based compassion and empathy interwoven with courage to advocate on behalf of self and others.

Commitment: Commitment means that we value compassion and collaboration even in the face of adversity, and will demonstrate this commitment with courage, perseverance, integrity and professionalism. We affirm that our commitment to inclusion and equity across all dimensions of diversity underlies our values and actions, and that our fundamental role is to represent all staff voices in the College of Engineering.

Meeting Practices and Conflict Protocol: Culture and environment agreements, Conflict protocol, and CASI meeting practices